Find Inspiration and Happiness in Sunnyblog

Readers share how they find inspiration and happiness in Sunnyblog

1. My favorite post is a quote about happiness

Sunny happiness is more than just a feeling; it’s something we all can learn how to achieve in all circumstances. Sunnyblog can help us discover ways back to joy!

Sunny has created a rare blend of human and business expertise as the founder of Delivering Happiness. She’s a world-class speaker, workplace expert and lead coach|consultant who assists companies in developing from good intentions to great cultures. Sunny uses science, spirituality and proven tools for well-being, leadership and culture change in her clients lives; using science spirituality and tools of well-being leadership culture change. Sunny collects merchandise – she’s both ENFP and an introvert; she enjoys creating reborn dolls making reborns sewing acting while acting; her favorite genre being horror (autistic ADHD); bagels being her favorite food (autism with ADHD); an advocate for neurodivergent communities alike!

2. I love the way Sunnyblog makes me feel

As children, most of us aspired to careers like doctors and ballerinas. Some also dreamt of becoming writers – yet not everyone had the opportunity to pursue that ambition as adults. Sunnyblog provides readers with a chance to try writing themselves, even for just a brief period.

Angel Aka Gloomy is a neurodivergent, queer creator who has been making comics since they were 10. Their work features strong magical girl influences but more often gravitates toward horror themes. Additionally, Angel is interested in sewing, baking and collecting merchandise from Ghibli or Sanrio brands – as well as sewing/baking projects of their own.

They openly discuss their struggles with mental health and daydreaming, something many can identify with.

3. I love the way Sunnyblog makes me think

Sunnyblog provides inspiration to readers from all backgrounds. No matter your interest in anime, video games, human relationships or just life itself – Sunnyblog always has something new to teach. Reading it regularly will bring happiness into your everyday life!

Maintaining a blog can be a challenging feat, particularly when people make rude remarks or attempt to provoke you. But, remember it’s not about them; it’s about you and your readers – don’t let negativity bring you down!

Young man comes to realize his true self and that what his dad expects him to be doesn’t match up with who he really is. Running is his passion but has lost its shine; therefore he makes a decision midrace that leads him down his own unique path. A powerful tale about finding happiness.

4. I love the way Sunnyblog makes me laugh

Gloomy Aka Angel is a queer, neurodivergent magical girl fan who began their comic career at age 10. They enjoy drawing, baking and gardening (in theory) as well as collecting Ghibli and Sanrio merchandise. Furthermore, they enjoy Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering as well as acting and musical theater performances; plus bagels. They consider themselves friendly yet obsess over this delicious treat!

Sunnyblog’s main draw for me is its humor; I find it both amusing and impressive that they manage to put a humorous spin on issues that may otherwise be serious or distressful.