UnitedHealthcare Community Plan Will Manage Medicaid in Iowa

is united health care medicaid

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, the state-run health insurance program for low-income families, children, seniors and people with disabilities. UnitedHealthcare Community Plan offers programs for adults and children who may qualify for Medicaid, Family Health Plus or Child Health Plus – such as HMOs or PPOs such as New York Medicaid Advantage plans (Medicare HMOs or PPOs). These plans provide comprehensive healthcare coverage that includes preventive care, primary care visits, hospitalization visits, prescription costs and other services – often at minimal or no additional expense.

UnitedHealthcare not only manages Medicare and Medicaid, but it also offers integrated managed care services to commercial groups through UnitedHealthcare Commercial business. UnitedHealthcare strives to make health systems work better for everyone by streamlining health care experiences for consumers while simultaneously meeting consumer health and wellness needs and building strong relationships between physicians and other care professionals. UnitedHealthcare currently serves nearly 8.1 million individuals through programs targeting economically-disadvantaged, medically underserved or those without employer-sponsored coverage – serving approximately 8.13 million total.

UnitedHealthcare currently administers federal and state Medicaid programs for over 425,000 Iowans living with disabilities or chronic illnesses such as muscular dystrophy. Their contracts expire this June, but Gov. Kim Reynolds ended negotiations due to what she considered unreasonable demands from UnitedHealthcare.

Under managed care, the state pays private companies set amounts per patient to oversee Medicaid services. If these companies can cut costs and reduce care needs successfully, they make profits; otherwise they incur losses. Critics contend this has resulted in poor service, unnecessary restrictions, and mounds of red tape; though Reynolds once supported privatizing Medicaid management she now seeks another provider as her replacement contractor instead of UnitedHealthcare.

Iowa Department of Human Services Director Jerry Foxhoven stated both Amerigroup and Iowa Total Care have assured him they can take over UnitedHealthcare clients seamlessly, unlike his 2017 approach of waiting 30 days to notify AmeriHealth members about a change. In other words, no delays were taken this time in alerting affected individuals of impending switch-over.

When selecting a plan, it is crucial that you thoroughly research doctors and other providers’ credentials and if they belong in your health plan’s network. Utilizing in-network providers may help reduce out-of-pocket expenses – you can check this by calling the customer service number located on the back of your health plan card; alternatively you may access their provider directory online by logging into your health plan account; to request a paper copy by calling their customer service number located on their ID card; this directory also includes information such as providers’ name, address, phone numbers specialty as well as office hours if applicable.